Creating New Opportunities

Billings Clinic RegionalCare provides an opportunity for health care organizations and communities that have an interest in forming a relationship with Billings Clinic. Like a growing trend of major regional health systems working with national health care companies, we are combining our resources to offer community hospitals:

• New clinical services

• Operational and management support

• System resources for IT, quality improvement, regional integration strategies

• Physician recruitment specialized for rural markets

• Physician support including employment options

• Economies of scale for cost management

• Capital for facility expansion, equipment, outreach programs



We are committed to delivering outstanding service to patients and communities by anticipating and meeting their needs with compassion.


We have an unwavering commitment to high quality care, safety and patient satisfaction.


We believe that people are served by receiving the care they need close to home.


We continually work with physicians and local leaders to identify opportunities for new or expanded services and facilities in the communities we serve.


We take responsibility for our actions and communicate openly and honestly with each other and the public.


Our goal is to grow the market share and regional influence of our hospital partners.