Benefits of Partnership

The changing healthcare environment is creating new challenges for hospitals.

• There is an increased emphasis on quality and safety.

• Reduced reimbursement levels create pressure to reduce costs and/or add new revenue streams.

• New delivery models will be needed as hospitals become accountable for health, not just healthcare.

• Coordinated care and evidence-based care will be increasingly important.

• Meeting these challenges will require management resources, new IT investments and access to capital.


A partnership with Billings Clinic RegionalCare can help community hospitals meet these challenges and sustain and advance their missions.


Advantages of partnership include:

1. Quality and growth. We have a proven commitment to helping partner hospitals continuously improve quality and advance their missions.


2. Strength and scale. Partners benefit from being part of the Billings Clinic system, the first MAGNET hospital in Montana and Wyoming, and a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network.


3. Physician recruitment. Our physician recruitment program is among the best in the industry, focused on recruiting extraordinary physicians who are dedicated to the hospitals and communities we serve.


4. Local leadership. Partner hospitals maintain a local board that is 100% made up of community leaders and physicians who determine the strategic direction of the hospital.


5. Management and systems expertise. RegionalCare brings extensive management expertise and resources and a proven track record in operating and growing non-urban hospitals.


6. Access to capital. Billings Clinic RegionalCare’s access to capital will allow community hospitals to invest in growth and quality initiatives.